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Government Grants Toolkit

This page aims to help grant-seeking organizations in Colorado navigate available government funding, particularly in rural communities that might have less access to information and resources than their urban counterparts. Originally co-created by El Pomar Foundation and Keystone Policy Center for the “Advocating for the Needs of Northwest Colorado” project, this toolkit supports communities across Colorado in accessing government resources in the wake of unprecedented funding for infrastructure and COVID relief.

Rural areas often struggle because they lack the workforce capacity to research, identify and apply for critical government grant resources. El Pomar’s Northwest Regional Council identified an opportunity to support regional collaboration and expand upon existing efforts in rural communities. The information below intends to build awareness of funding opportunities and support rural communities with information related to funding as well as tools and resources to help access funds.

Below you will find the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) Local Community Funding Guide, videos highlighting nonprofit and state agency leaders  referencing resources they recommend and other resources created by project partners.

DOLA Local Community Funding Guide

The Department of Local Affairs created the below comprehensive resource to help local governments and nonprofit community organizations navigate the funding sources available through a variety of Federal and State programs.

DOLA screenshot.png Use the Funding Guide

Video Interviews and Related Resources

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Voices from the Region

This three-part podcast series produced by Keystone Policy Center shares the stories of rural communities in Northwest Colorado navigating the influx of federal funding in the wake of COVID-19. Hear from community leaders on how they are navigating obstacles and meeting the challenge through collaboration with public, nonprofit and philanthropic partners. Hover over the podcast icon to learn more about each episode, and click the link below to listen.

Federal and state lawmakers have dedicated billions of dollars in resources in recent years to address the impacts of COVID-19. But rural communities face unique challenges in applying for and accessing this one-time opportunity.

A Tsunami of Funding

This episode highlights how rural communities are navigating the obstacles they face in accessing the influx of federal funding coming to Colorado in the wake of COVID-19.They are working together along with the assistance of nonprofit partners such as El Pomar Foundation's Northwest Regional Council and Keystone Policy Center.

Meeting the Challenge

Leaders in Northwest Colorado are working together on collaborative initiatives to impact their communities. These efforts help these communities create a pathway to utilizing the one-time influx of resources to best serve the needs of all Coloradans, both rural and urban.

Collaboration Out of Necessity