Grant Making

El Pomar is a general purpose foundation that contributes more than $20 million annually

through grants to nonprofit organizations and government equivalents across Colorado


General Information

We are a general purpose foundation. Trustees make grants in the areas of arts and culture, civic and community initiatives, education, health, and human services.

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Contact Us

Please call the Grants Department at: 


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Upcoming Board of Trustees Meetings

  • October 2, 2016 and December 20, 2016
  • Please note, we accept competitive applications on a rolling basis.
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Central City Opera House, Central City, CO

Am I Eligible?

Your organization is eligible to apply for a grant from El Pomar Foundation if:

  • It is an active 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
  • Its activities take place in Colorado
  • If requesting capital support, your request is less than $100,000

Review the grant guidelines and eligibility requirements> 

How To Apply

You can apply for a grant online.  Be sure to have: 

  • The name and address of your organization and contact information for the CEO/Executive Director
  • Concise statements describing your request
  • Your organization's three (3) most recent years of audited financial statements

Review the full list of required application materials>

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El Pomar's Funds

El Pomar offers several funds, including the:

  • Ackerman Fund
  • Hambrick Fund
  • Wildland Fire Fund


WLFF.PPE._1030.jpg Learn More About Our Funds

Final Report

A final report is required when all grant funds have been expended.  This report provides the opportunity to communicate the achievements and challenges related to the grant your organization received.

final_report_istockver2.jpg Your Final Report

Grant Search

Search by organization, county, city, key word, or funding area – arts and culture, civic and community, education, health, and human service

Recent News

“My original question, therefore, might be flawed: the dichotomy of ‘better’ and ‘worse’ does not apply, because each sector has its strengths and weaknesses. Both institutions complement each other by succeeding where the other is challenged.” Read about Corbin’s enhanced understanding of the nonprofit sector on our intern blog!

Yesterday attendees packed the room in support of the NAMI Colorado Behavioral Summit. Mental health advocates learned about different programs, volunteer opportunities, and events in hopes to increase community engagement and ultimately support those who are facing health challenges.

This week, the American Council of Young Political Leaders Japan delegation is visiting Colorado. Their time has included meetings with elected officials about the role of local government and voter engagement, as well as a tour of the Penrose Heritage Museum and Garden of the Gods. Now they're off to Denver to experience more of this great state! #acyplJapan

Stuffed dinosaurs, hard hats, and stunning vistas were all elements of the San Juan Fellows' recent meetings in the San Juan region.

@ElPomarFdtn • September 23

Read about Summer Intern @CorbinHHart enhanced understanding of the non profit sector on our intern blog!…

@ElPomarFdtn • September 23

Yesterday the room was filled with mental health advocates in support of @NAMICommunicate Behavioral Summit!

@ElPomarFdtn • September 22

This week, @ACYPL Japan delegation has enjoyed our great state! #acyplJapan

@ElPomarFdtn • September 22

RT @pdeanna_acypl Enjoying the last day of #acyplJAPAN with @ElPomarFdtn. @ACYPL

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