Fellowship Alumni Peer Mentoring Circles

With nearly 300 leaders in the Fellowship alumni network, intentional connections between alumni and current Fellows are an important element of the Fellowship experience. Recognizing that the Fellowship has experimented with alumni mentorship programs in the past with mixed results, the Fellowship was committed to utilizing an intentionally-designed structure to create opportunities for alumni/Fellow connections that can provide the career coaching and professional support typically found in successful mentorship pairings. In 2021, El Pomar Foundation’s Fellowship program engaged White River Strategy in an effort to build an alumni engagement program, following an analysis of the Fellowship completed in 2020 that included research and feedback from current Fellows and alumni.

This program was previewed at the 30th Fellowship Reunion in February 2022. After launching the coach application, developing circle material and completing coach training, the Alumni Relations team is excited to announce the launch of four alum-led circles. The first circles will begin in October 2022, with more launching throughout the winter and into 2023. Coach biographies and circle descriptions can be found below. Please contact alumni@elpomar.org for any questions or inquiries regarding the program.   


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Circle Descriptions and Timelines:

  • Organizational Leadership: alumni at any level who lead others in fulfilling an organization’s mission

    • Preston Briggs: launching in January 2023
    • Kristin Todd: launching in October 2022
  • Community Leadership: alumni who work together within or on behalf of a community to mobilize and guide others in creating solutions

    • Katherine Trumble: launching in November 2022

  • Career/Life Transitions: alumni who are considering a career transition or facing a life change (new parent, COVID impacts) 

    • Beau Kelly: launching in October 2022


Organizational Leadership Peer Coach

Preston Briggs

Organizational Leadership Circle, Launching January 2023

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Career/Life Transitions Peer Coach

Beau Kelly

Career/Life Transitions Circle, Launching October 2022

Read Beau's Bio

Organizational Leadership Peer Coach

Kristin Todd

Organizational Leadership Circle, Launching October 2022

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Community Leadership Peer Coach

Katherine Trumble

Community Leadership Circle, Launching November 2022

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