A unique professional summer experience

for undergraduate students

Internship Class of 2016

The Details

El Pomar’s Internship Program provides a unique summer experience for continuing undergraduate students. Interns receive an introduction to the nonprofit sector and an opportunity to develop professional interests and skills. Interns work with and are mentored by leaders in philanthropy. In addition to receiving professional administrative experience, Interns meet every week to participate in additional trainings through a professional development series, covering topics ranging from the nonprofit sector to leadership theory. 

Each intern is also assigned a specific position based on Foundation needs and, to the extent possible, the intern’s interests.  As a result, all interns have their own unique experiences. Some intern positions in the past include:

  • Investments

  • Communications

  • Outreach Programs

  • Grants

  • Programs

  • Penrose House

  • Regional Partnerships 


Learn More

To learn more about the El Pomar Internship, please email or call 719-577-7057 to schedule your informational interview, or click the downloadable PDF below.


El Pomar Internship 2018


Applications for the summer 2018  Internship are due by 11:59PM Monday, February 12, 2018

Application Time Line 
 11:59PM on February 12: Application deadline
Mid-March to Early April: In-person interviews
(phone interviews are strongly discouraged, but are available for those with extenuating circumstances)