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Enhance, encourage, and promote the current and future well-being of the people of Colorado.  Established in 1937, El Pomar's mission is based on the values of Julie and Spencer Penrose.

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Statewide Impact

The Regional Partnerships are comprised of community leaders who form Regional Councils across the state to advise El Pomar's trustees and recommend grants.

Regional Partnerships

Grantee Story

Lost in Translation. Imagine beginning school in a classroom where the language spoken is different than your own.

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Pikes Peak at Sunrise

Grant Making

A private general purpose foundation El Pomar accepts applications from 501(c)3 organizations serving the state of Colorado in the areas of arts and culture, civic and community initiatives, education, health, and human services.

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Penrose House

Available free of charge to 501(c)3 nonprofits and non-governmental equivalents. Built on the site of the Dixon Apple Orchard the Penroses' historic home is open for strategic meetings, seminars, and trainings.

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Featured Programs

Regional Partnerships

Connecting resources with local solutions. More than 70 community leaders make up 11 Regional Councils representing all 64 Colorado counties. Since 2003 they have invested nearly $14.8 million in their regions.


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The Forum contributes to the civic health of the Pikes Peak Region through panels, seminars and lectures about key local and state issues.

Awards for Excellence

Recognizes outstanding Colorado nonprofit organizations and community leaders for their extraordinary support of Colorado.

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El Pomar's programs are all different, but each was created with the same goal in mind: to support leadership and community development beyond grantmaking.


Recent News

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Thank you to organizations like Safe Passage for giving abused children a voice and offering medical, investigative, and legal services to support them.

We were inspired at last night’s Discover Goodwill of Southern and Western Colorado annual dinner by award winners Alayne Kelly, Autavius Ricks, Jason Bayette, and Hope Perez! You can read their remarkable stories in Goodwill’s 2015 Annual Report: https://issuu.com/discovergoodwill/docs/2015_annual_report_fnl_web

"1937 was an unexpected time to start a rural college. The region was hard hit by the Dust Bowl, the Great Depression recovery had not yet reached Lamar, and a return to recession seemed imminent. But, so the story goes, 'Enough determined individuals believed it was worth it, and the college grew and thrived.'" Read more about the history of Lamar Community College and how an updated computer lab has allowed the college to remain innovative and forward-looking: http://bit.ly/236phq7

"My high school soccer and basketball teams would spend training practices running and lunging up the steps at Red Rocks Amphitheater, but the legendary climb about 70 miles south was always a mountain I hoped to conquer.” Eric Hopfenbeck describes his hike up the daunting Manitou Incline and how it relates to his experience in El Pomar’s Fellowship. http://bit.ly/1T2hio5

@ElPomarFdtn • April 29

Thank you to organizationsfor giving abused children a voice and offering a variety of services to support them. #ChildAbusePreventionMonth.

@ElPomarFdtn • April 25

What a weekend with @Broncos on their annual Mile High Salute to Fans Tour in Durango, Montrose, and Salida! https://t.co/RBQ3eIOr91

@ElPomarFdtn • April 22

We enjoyed @FireflyAutism Laugh Yourself Blue event last night and admire your commitment to children with autism! https://t.co/1Ez2XVnLb2

@ElPomarFdtn • April 21

We enjoyed the Light of Hope luncheon and thank @CASAPikesPeak for their work to give vulnerable children a voice. https://t.co/IqGsVvXVya

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