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Lucian Amos “Sac” Jamison

2007 Inductee

Lucian Amos “Sac” Jamison (1920-1999) displayed an unwavering commitment to his country, his heritage, and his community. He was an athlete, serviceman and, above all, a role model for people of all ethnicities. Jamison was born a full blooded Seneca-Cayuga of the Iroquois Nation in Grove, Oklahoma in 1920. At the age of 16 he qualified for the United States Olympic boxing team and competed in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany. In 1941 Jamison joined the United States Army and fought in the South Pacific during World War II as a member of the renowned Alamo Scouts.

Jamison received numerous awards for his military service, including two Silver Stars, the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart. Following his military career, Jamison settled in Manitou Springs where he served his community by educating and inspiring young people. More than 400 youngsters knew Jamison as a dedicated Boy Scouts leader and he helped many of them obtain the rank of Eagle Scout. Mr. Jamison received several awards recognizing his service to the scouting movement, including the Scouter’s Key, Silver Beaver Award, and the Order of the Arrow. To honor his heritage and pay tribute to his devotion, a camp site at Camp Alexander in Lake George, CO is named for Jamison. He left a lasting legacy as a strong advocate for Native American youth in the Pikes Peak region, by establishing several organizations to advance Native Americans through education, scholarships, and the understanding and perpetuation of Native American culture.