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2018 Events

Feb 12              Colorado 2018 Election Landscape    

2017 Events

April 27           Startup Ecosystems of Colorado Springs

March 6           CSLI Questions for the Candidates 

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Throughout the year, Forum brings in outstanding speakers from across the country to provide insights on public policy issues affecting Colorado. Most events are held in the Penrose House Pavilion, which provides a neutral ground on which to debate some of the most challenging issues of our day.

About Forum


Founded in 2002, Forum for Civic Advancement seeks and supports individuals interested in contributing to the civic health of the Pikes Peak Region. It operates lectures, panels, and seminars in which public-minded citizens can meet other current and aspiring political and civic leaders, and engage cutting-edge political ideas from around the country.

2013 State House Debate.jpg
2013 State House Debate

2014 Energy Future.jpg
2014 The Energy Future of Colorado Springs
2014 Future of Fracking.jpg
2014 Future of Fracking in Centennial State