Foundation Giving in Colorado 2020

We are pleased to present a preview of the 2020 Foundation Giving in Colorado report. This preview includes an overview of funders and grantees in Colorado from 2014-2018. For the first time ever, the Foundation Giving in Colorado report is presented through an interactive data visualization. This technology allows the user to explore giving trends in greater detail by filtering results to view data for different years, counties, categories of funding, grantees, and foundations. We are looking forward to launching the full report in Summer 2020!


About the Data

The summary of Colorado foundation giving is based on the grant data collected by Community Resource Center (CRC) between 2014 and 2018, which includes the grants self-reported by 76 of Colorado’s independent and community foundations. Grant amounts may represent the full authorized amount of the grant or the amount paid in that year, depending upon the information made available by each foundation.

This preview of the report summarizes grant funding in specific years across the state. The two dashboards summarize funding by foundations and funding received by grantees, respectively.

Grants are categorized based on the main focus or mission of the recipient organization. For example, if a school received funding from a health-focused foundation for a nursing program, it would be put into the Education category because the organization running the program is a school, rather than Health for the content of the nursing program or the health foundation awarding the grant.


This report provides an overview of foundation giving in Colorado. However, the report has limitations that should be considered before drawing conclusions from the data provided. Despite these limitations, we believe that the Foundation Giving in Colorado report provides an insightful look into giving across the state by representing key trends in giving in Colorado.

The grant information is voluntarily self-reported by each foundation, with no external verification. Information regarding the type of support and funding categories is consistent throughout the data set, but the specific categorization may differ from how each grant was defined by the funder.

Additionally, this report summarizes foundation giving by 76 Colorado foundations representing approximately 31% of foundation giving dollars in the state. Therefore, any inferences made from the report should be understood as based upon incomplete data. For community foundations, the set includes all grants reported, including pass-through funding. Scholarship and sponsorship dollars, as defined by each foundation, are not included.

Of note, each year El Pomar Foundation and CRC collect annual giving data from as many foundations across the state as possible, meaning that different amounts of longitudinal data are available for different organizations. Therefore, representations of giving over time may be inaccurate or inconsistent. Additionally, since this data set differs slightly from that used in the previous Foundation Giving in Colorado reports, we caution against drawing conclusions based on differences in funding between editions of the report.

The purpose of this report is solely to present descriptive statistics and represent the data collected as accurately as possible. No advanced statistical methodology, analysis or additional research was used to explain relationships between variables or trends. Therefore, we caution against attempts to explain the statistics without additional research.


This report was made possible with funding from El Pomar Foundation. We would also like to thank Community Resource Center for their work in collecting the data from foundations across Colorado, as well all the foundations that provided grant making information.