ELD Advisory Councils

ELD advisory councils convene leaders of color in Pueblo and Colorado Springs and introduce ELD participants to broad-based community involvement, civic engagement and leadership development training programs. During advisory council meetings, ELD participants connect with members of their community and learn about community-led initiatives and El Pomar grant opportunities. Participants are connected with nonprofit executives looking to cultivate and recruit for board positions and volunteer opportunities within their organizations. Visit the Trainings and Civic Engagement Opportunities Page to learn more and find information on scholarship opportunities.

Advisory Councils and Co-Chairs

Asian Pacific Islander Advisory Council (APIAC)

Colorado Springs                                                                                    Pueblo

Amber Coté – Co-Chair                                                                        MaryGail Mello – Co-Chair

Dr. Sandy Ho – Co-Chair                                                                              VACANT

Black Advisory Council (BAC)

Colorado Springs                                                                                    Pueblo

Shirley Martinez - Co-Chair                                                                    Florence Hunt - Co-Chair

Danielle Summerville - Co-Chair                                                            Ray Brown - Co-Chair

Hispanic/Latino Advisory Council (HAC/LAC)

Colorado Springs                                                                                    Pueblo

Juan Moreno - Co-Chair                                                                           Caroline Trani - Co-Chair

Martin Trujillo - Co-Chair                                                                         Reid Weber - Co-Chair

Native American Advisory Council (NAC)

Colorado Springs                                                                                    Pueblo

Kateri Kerwin - Co-Chair                                                                         Brandi Adakai - Co-Chair

Debbie Howell - Co-Chair                                                                      Samuel Gallegos - Co-Chair


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