Nonprofit Executive Leadership Program

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A group of NELP alumni in Colorado Springs

El Pomar Nonprofit Executive Leadership Program (NELP) trains nonprofit CEOs and executive directors to effectively manage and lead extraordinary nonprofit organizations. It is a customized leadership development program offered to Colorado nonprofits serving Colorado through two unique programs: NELP 4.0 and NELP 2.5.

NELP helps leaders in the nonprofit sector to produce better results, maintain and sustain healthy relationships, and grow their organizations. NELP 4.0 serves larger nonprofits with budgets over $750,000 through a four-day conference. NELP 2.5 supports leaders of smaller nonprofits with budgets under $750,000 over the course of two-and-a-half-days. Financial support from El Pomar Foundation allows nonprofit executives to participate in these exemplary programs for a small portion of the actual cost.

Recent Changes

Beginning in 2021, El Pomar Foundation NELP 2.5 (previously known as Regional NELP) and NELP 4.0 (previously known as NELP at the Center for Creative Leadership – CCL) alternates every year at CCL in Colorado Springs. The Center for Creative Leadership offers world-class training to managers and leaders seeking a variety of leadership development experiences.

NELP 2.5 encompasses all regions for better engagement and networking. A contribution may be offered to NELP 2.5 attendee organizations to support attendance.

The Details

This program is for nonprofit executive directors and CEOs with five or more years of nonprofit experience who are leading Colorado-based organizations and are serving the people of Colorado. The program occurs annually (each version alternating biennially, or every other year) at the Center for Creative Leadership in Colorado Springs. To date, over 350 nonprofit executives have taken advantage of this customized program. Applicants must intend to remain in their current position for at least one year. There is an application process for both NELP 2.5 and NELP 4.0. 

Nonprofit Executive Leadership Program 4.0 (2022)

  • For CEOs and executive directors of organizations with operating budgets of more than $750,000.
  • Four-day program.
  • Confidential, one-on-one coaching from the Center for Creative Leadership staff of accredited professionals.
  • 360-degree assessment included.
  • Upcoming dates: Summers of 2022, 2024, 2026

Nonprofit Executive Leadership Program 2.5 (2021)

  • For CEOs and executive directors of organizations with operating budgets of less than $750,000.
  • Two-and-a-half-day program.
  • Program cost of $400 with the potential for a $1,000 contribution to defray costs of participation.
  • Upcoming dates: Summers of  2023, 2025, 2027

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Apply for NELP 2.5

Application will open in March of 2023

Apply for NELP 4.0

Application will open in March of 2022

What They're Saying

“The tools were incredibly valuable, the facilitators were knowledgeable, and the peers were warm and engaging. I had so many tangible skills I learned and am excited to incorporate.”

-NELP alum

“I often attend trainings and workshops with a goal of increasing my knowledge and skill set and I usually end up disappointed with the training and learning. This training met me where I was at and gave me many valuable tools, info, and resources.”

-NELP alum

“This program is a unique training opportunity for nonprofit leaders. The feedback tools were very helpful and the facilitators were excellent contextualizing the information.”

-NELP alum

“This program pushes you, which isn't always enjoyable in the traditional sense, but I felt so supported through the process that I did enjoy it without question.”

-NELP alum