The Fellowship Experience 

The Fellowship is a highly selective, two-year leadership training program that develops today's young professionals into tomorrow's leaders. A full-time position in Colorado Springs, the program is designed to bring together highly qualified individuals with diverse backgrounds and develop them into effective leaders for the public, private and nonprofit sectors. The Fellowship seeks to develop professional skills and educate Fellows in the role of philanthropy, while also offering direct management experience.

The First Year

The core work experience of the Fellows is to staff and manage the Foundation's programs. The first year of the Fellowship is dedicated to skill building, nonprofit and community leadership education. Professional development in the first year explores the theoretical framework of leadership. Fellows take personality and leadership style assessments, and learn best practices in time management, workplace dynamics, and programmatic effectiveness. By the end of the first year, Fellows experience rapid personal and professional growth in the supportive environment of the Foundation.


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The Second Year

In their second year, Fellows put their skills and self-understanding into practice, enhancing their experience through increased responsibility. 2nd Year Fellows become coordinators of the Foundation's regional activities and directors of the various programs. A number of 2nd year Fellows have the opportunity to explore community development and gain additional experience through externships with local organizations. 2nd Year Fellows also utilize career preparation workshops and continued professional development in addition to accessing Fellowship alumni networks to springboard into their future career paths.