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WWII veteran travels to Colorado to see car he raced up Pikes Peak 60 years ago

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A WWII veteran from St. Louis made a trip to southern Colorado Tuesday to see a car he raced up Pikes Peak more than 60 years ago.

Phil Hulse, 94, hadn't seen the car in decades, and didn't even know it still existed until recently. It's now at El Pomar's Penrose Heritage Museum, which is near the Broadmoor.

Phil drove the Coniff Special in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in 1953 and 1954. Phil's grandson, Peder Hulse, said seeing the car again was on his bucket list.

"He's always had a lot of stories about the Hill Climb and about racing up it, and the turns, and the gravel," Peder said. "And so being able to be out here with him to be able to see the car is exciting. I can tell he's excited about it. So it's something he's going to be talking about for a while now."

As a member of Joe Coniff's team in 1953, Phil placed 15th. In 1954, he placed ninth.