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WSJ Philanthropy Report


The Wall Street Journal’s philanthropy report has a slew of interesting articles regarding the latest in charitable giving, but in case you don’t have time to review all of them, be sure to check out our suggested highlights.

-“What’s Wrong With Charitable Giving—and How to Fix It”: Take a look at the author’s nine ideas for how donors can improve philanthropy. Numbers five and six remind us of the truly innovative and much-needed facets of El Pomar’s Colorado Assistance Fund grants and the Regional Partnerships program.

-“Brother, Can You Spare Some Time?”: Millennials may not be able to give as much treasure as others right now, but they are still making use of their time and talent to give others a hand up in a down economy.

-“Finding the Silk Purse”: Despite the economic hardships many nonprofits and their clients are facing, some leaders see less-than-ideal financial times as a catalyst for increasing awareness and capacity of their organizations.