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Fellowship Alumni Appreciations

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Words of Appreciation from Fellowship Alumni

The El Pomar Fellowship boasts a network of nearly 300 alumni spread across the country engaged in a variety of professional fields. Fellowship Alumni share an influential experience that helped them develop their career paths and make valuable connections. To understand the impact of the Fellowship program, it is best to hear it from alumni themselves. When asked about their favorite part of the Fellowship, our alumni say:


Molly Brown Headshot.jpg

Molly Brown

Current Profession: Corporate Account Manager at Oracle NetSuite

"My favorite part of the Fellowship was the diversity of experiences gained - event planning, professional communication, skills development in delivering critical feedback, organization excellence, writing executive summaries, etc." 




TB Photo.jpg

Terrell Brown

Current Profession:  President & CEO at Hillside Connection / Multicultural Student Success Coach at Pikes Peak Community College

"My favorite part of the Fellowship was the opportunity to network and build relationships with leaders and organizations throughout the state of Colorado. Even though I wasn't a huge fan of the outdoors (hiking, camping, backpacking, etc.) I would also say the shared experiences I had with my Fellowship class, although Outward Bound was 'eye opening' to say the least." 




Justin Coughlin.jpg

Justin Coughlin

Current Profession: Finance and Accounting at Seward Cattle Company and Seward Family Farms 

"My favorite part of the El Pomar Fellowship is how the program allows young adults to be surrounded by career professionals and mentors who genuinely care about helping them become successful and grow. The Fellowship provides a rare opportunity for recent college graduates to develop professional skills and an appreciation for philanthropy all while exploring what their next steps in life will be."




Maggie Hanna-Now.jpg

Maggie Hanna

Current Profession: Director of External Relations – Partnerships at Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust

 "One of the great opportunities that El Pomar Foundation’s Fellowship offered me was the chance to interact with and learn from so many civically engaged people and organizations around the state, from the governor, mayors, and county commissioners, to executive directors and staff of nonprofits working to make Colorado the place we all love to call home. 

The greatest aspect of the Fellowship after completing the program is the community you join. I have crossed paths with, sought counsel from, and admired from afar nearly everyone in this network. When faced with challenges in my personal and professional lives, the Fellowship network is almost always the first place I turn!" 


Beau Kelly-Headshot.jpg

Beau Kelly

Current Profession: Director of Development at University of Colorado Colorado Springs

"The Fellowship gave me the soft skills, self-knowledge, and leadership experience I needed to get into my dream position and excel. It gives you an unbelievable network of people (and lifelong friends) to support you and help you grow throughout your career."