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Which Penrose animal is your favorite?


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Tessie the Elephant.  Spencer Penrose used her as a golf course caddy and she was later retired to the zoo after a Colorado Springs parade where Tessie ripped spare tires off the backs of automobiles and flung them into the crowd.


The Thirsty Monkey. A little boy at the Broadmoor Hotel was bitten by a monkey and the mother received a settlement of $8,000.  This event resulted in Mr. Penrose’s collection of wild animals moving from the hotel to the zoo.


Ethel Volstead the Camel. Penrose named the camel after the wife of U.S. Senator Andrew J. Volstead, the author of the Prohibition Amendment, which he fought vociferously throughout his life. A camel can go long periods without drinking, clearly illustrating Penrose’s sense of humor.