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When browsing gifts for your sweetheart, avoid castles in Austria.


During their many world travels, the Penrose’s came across numerous one of kind pieces of art and furniture for their home and the Broadmoor Hotel. One such piece is the famed chandelier, which currently hangs in the main dining room of Penrose House.

The chandelier is aesthetically beautiful and the story behind it speaks to Mr. Penrose’s persistence and strong love for Julie.

The Penrose’s were visiting a Baron in Austria, and during their stay, a dinner party was thrown in their honor. During the party, an elaborate chandelier in the dining room caught Julie’s eye. Spencer offered the Baron thousands of dollars to take the chandelier back to Colorado Springs.

The Baron refused.

Spencer continued to increase his offer, and eventually reached $200,000.

The Baron refused again.

The Baron explained that it was a priceless family heirloom and was not for sale at any price.  Penrose, not one to give up, asked for permission to make a copy, and the Baron ultimately agreed. Upon returning to Colorado, Spencer, exercising his spirit of determination, sent several craftsmen to the castle and had them make an exact replica, which was subsequently sent to Colorado and today resides in the Penrose House, which is free to visit and open to the public.

Spencer’s love for Julie appears in the furniture, artwork, and landscaping at their house and The Broadmoor. If you’re still looking for a Penrose style Valentine’s Day without a mining baron’s budget, you might take a stroll around Broadmoor Lake with your sweetheart.