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The Fellowship Recruiting Team

The deadline to apply for The El Pomar Fellowship is quickly approaching.  Applications are due on Monday, January 20.  For those of you who have not started your application, there is still time.

We are often asked about the traits of an ideal Fellow. Each year we strive to build a diverse team with broad interests, backgrounds and career objectives.  That said, the following represent some general characteristics that most, if not all, Fellows possess:

1. A Positive Attitude and a Willingness to Learn

El Pomar takes the responsibility of personal and leadership development seriously.  In order to develop, improve and grow, Fellows must be open-minded and have a willingness to be coached by supervisors, peers, and staff members.  Not everything goes according to plan and that is where a positive attitude can make the difference between personal development and stagnation.

[caption id="attachment_4481" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The Fellowship Recruiting Team"][/caption]2. Adaptable

There is no typical day for Fellows.  El Pomar strives to be both responsive to community needs and to capitalize on new opportunities.  The Fellowship enables the Foundation to be flexible and dynamic in carrying out its mission.  As a Fellow, you will learn how to prioritize responsibilities, adapt to new opportunities, and rely on teammates to accomplish Foundation and personal objectives.

3. Desire to Serve Colorado

As Spencer and Julie Penrose invested their wealth and good fortune for the benefit of the state of Colorado, so too do we expect Fellows to invest in making Colorado a better place to live, work and play.


Teamwork is a core value of the Fellowship. You will be collaborating with your peers, senior staff, Trustees and key community stakeholders throughout your tenure at the Foundation.  It is important for Fellows to demonstrate respect, encourage others, manage conflict, and communicate their needs to members of the team.

5.Work Ethic

We seek individuals who combine a passion for improving their community with a strong work ethic.  Much of the work conducted by the Foundation does not always fit neatly into an 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM workday.  We seek individuals who are driven and aspire to a high level of excellence.  At the same time, we also seek to capitalize on the creativity, innovative ideas, and initiative that Fellows bring to El Pomar.

The Fellowship presents an incredible opportunity to serve the state of Colorado while growing as a professional and a leader.  We are happy to answer any and all questions surrounding the Fellowship.

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