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"We're Glad You're Here"


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Eyes are wide and searching as they comb over every inch of the marble floor, the ornate ceiling lattice work, and the one of a kind antique Aeolian Organ. After taking in the grandeur of the foyer, first-time Penrose House guests usually approach the reception desk and ask, “Am I in the right place?” They are uncertain because they were told to report for a meeting or a training session and somehow found themselves in a mansion that is over a century old but perfectly preserved to display all the historical treasures that it holds. 

And the answer is, “Absolutely! We are glad you are here”.  And we really are.  As guests, they are either from a charitable nonprofit, a government, or a military organization. They are here to partake of some type of strategic planning or training session that will ultimately have a positive impact on the lives and the communities of Colorado.  Penrose House has been dedicated to this very mission since Spencer and Julie Penrose themselves lived here from 1916 – 1944 when, following Spencer’s death in 1939, she moved into the Broadmoor Hotel. They too met and planned and strategized in the home with other community driven people with the intention of developing a city, a region, and a state to provide a high quality of life for its residents.   

When El Pomar purchased Penrose House in 1992, the concept was twofold: to preserve the historical integrity of the home and to create a functional conference center for qualified organizations to use free-of-charge. Since then, the house has had the pleasure of hosting literally thousands of guests each year that have in turn bettered our state. We have seen teachers dedicated to improving the education our next generation receives, military members dedicated to protecting and serving our country, and nonprofits dedicated to providing basic human services to those in need. The list goes on and on. 

In 2016, Penrose House was home to over 1,300 individual meetings and trainings which equates to nearly thirty-five thousand guests. The people who pass through the doors are the real treasure within Penrose House, a home strategically maintained to entice the strong minds and can-do willingness of the guests who come to train and develop. 

So when community leaders wonder if they are in the right place for their meeting - we always answer, “[W]ithout a doubt you are in exactly the right place. We’re glad you’re here.”