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Upcoming Event: “Revitalizing Colorado Towns” with Daniel Kemmis

Tags: Forum for Civic Advancement

The Forum for Civic Advancement invites you to the inaugural event of its 2010-11 season.

Colorado Springs has faced challenging times of late. Local businesses closed their doors and community members watched the unemployment rate soar to nine precent. The city government made difficult decisions to curb spending. Leaders and citizens alike tried to stimulate a recovery and civic groups are proposing new paths to renew and rebuild. With differeng opinion and policy proposals, leaders and citizens alike are wondering: what is the right decision and how can the city move forward?

During this event, Daniel Kemmis, former mayor of Missoula and a former speaker and minority leader of the Montana House of Representatives, will discuss how political leaders, local businesses and community members can develop and implement groundbreaking public policy to create an increasingly thriving and sustainable Colorado Springs community.

Join Phil Lane (Operation 6035), Bettina Swigger (CoPPER) and Eric Drummond (Former mayor of Manitou Springs, Alternative Energy and CleanTech) for this enlightened discussion jointly sponsored with the Colorado Springs Leadership Institute.

Space is limited. If you plan to attend, please RSVP here.