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Stories of Impact: Youth Find a Home at Urban Peak

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Attempting to rise out of homelessness while simultaneously negotiating the responsibilities of adulthood can be immensely challenging. Youth experiencing homelessness face significant obstacles. Without Urban Peak Colorado Springs, many of these youth would not have the services and support necessary to find stable housing and realize their full potential.

When John* first entered the Urban Peak Youth Shelter, he was 19 years old. Despite maintaining a stable relationship with his mother, John did not have a good relationship with his mother’s boyfriend and could not stay with them. After couch-surfing with friends for a brief period of time, John ended up sleeping in a park for several nights before he arrived at Urban Peak Colorado Springs. As a high school graduate with several college courses under his belt, John was eager to find employment, secure housing and enroll in community college.

According to a Staff member with Urban Peak, “Through the Direct Client Assistance program, Urban Peak was able to help John obtain a new ID and enroll in some college courses. He has since participated in our culinary arts program and hopes to find a job in a restaurant.”

The Direct Client Assistance program addresses a variety of client needs. Through this program, Urban Peak provides youth with bus passes and tokens to help them attend school, go to job interviews, and eventually attain employment. The program also assists with housing start-up costs like deposits and initially utility costs. For some youth, Urban Peak is able to purchase greyhound bus tickets using Direct Client Assistance funding, so that they may be reunited with family members. Urban Peak Colorado Springs is a 20-bed shelter for individuals ages 15 – 20 established in 2000 to, “help youth experiencing homelessness and youth at risk of becoming homeless overcome real life challenges by providing essential services and a supportive community, empowering them to become self-sufficient adults.” In addition to providing youth with basic services like meals, showers and a safe place to stay, Urban Peak provides case management, health services, and education and employment support. These services empower and support youth so that they can reach positive self-sufficiency.

Thanks to Urban Peak Colorado Springs, John and other youth experiencing homelessness have the support and resources to reach their goals.

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*Names have been changed