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Stories of Impact: The Community Partnership Family Resource Center


Devanie Helman

“To send a handwritten letter is the best way to speak directly from the heart”

Through handwritten letters, clients of The Community Partnership Family Resource Center (CPFRC) expressed their gratitude for the role the Resource Center has played in improving their lives and the lives of their families. In small communities, it truly does take a village; no one can do their best in isolation, and CPFRC provides the support network individuals in Teller County need to reach their potential.

“(Active Parenting) helped me and will continually help me to be a better parent, training my children with making better choices and helping them to do their best. I feel better equipped to handle matters more wisely, calmly and with more patience.”

The relationships built through the Resource Center can be personal and long lasting. As two individuals who took classes at the agency put it;

“You truly made us feel as if we were forces to be reckoned with, you helped us realize that no goal that we set our mind to is beyond our reach, we hope to do you justice by succeeding in everything we aim to accomplish in the future. You made us feel like somebodies, not just like any bodies, but human beings worthy of the time and attention that you invest into educating and believing in us.”

Everyone deserves to be valued, and the Community Partnership Family Resource Center invests in each and every community member who walks through the door. The CPFRC is committed to convening similar agencies, providing a space for information sharing and developing programs that support local families and children achieve their full potential. CPFRC seeks to fill the gaps that the overburdened school districts and government agencies are unable to cover. Programs include healthy living classes, parenting classes, school readiness classes and sessions that help people navigate the complicated landscape of Medicaid and CHP+. If you would like more information on CPFRC please visit

This blog seeks to share stories of impact from across Colorado through our grantees. Email us at and tell us how people in your community have been impacted by the work you do.