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Stories of Impact: Prospect Home and Hospice Care Inc.

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Carter Ivey

Do not go gentle into that good night…

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

- Dylan Thomas

In the twilight of life, many people hope to meet death with dignity, to rage in elegance against the dying of the light. Yet, greeting death with such poise is no modest task. With care and compassion, the end of a person’s life need not be enveloped in loneliness and suffering. Regrettably, not all Americans are granted the tools to greet death with pride and without great sorrow.

Prospect Home Care and Hospice Inc. (PHCH) brings dignified and compassionate services to those suffering from chronic and terminal-illnesses within Ute Pass and the surrounding area. The staff delivers medical services, life-saving response systems, and emotional and spiritual support to both patients and their families. Interdisciplinary teams of nurses, therapists, family service specialists, and grief specialists integrate into the process of caring for patients and families facing a frightening and heartbreaking time in their lives. Along with support from El Pomar, PHCH continuously lessens the pain and ambiguous fear of those most in need through home and hospice care.

In 2014, El Pomar awarded PHCH $5,000 for general operating support. Shortly after receiving the grant, PCHC was contacted by the family of an 11 year old girl suffering from brain cancer. Her last round of chemo destroyed her spinal cord, leaving her young body incapacitated with quadriplegia. Her family contacted multiple organizations, and PHCH was the only one to come to the aid of the family in need, providing equipment, treatments, music, a therapy dog, pharmaceuticals, and home care. After mouthing Christmas carols with the lead nurse and over a hundred people by her side, the young girl died, smiling. PCHC helped this young girl rage in elegance against the tragic dying of the light. They also helped the family establish a dignified memory of her final moments, which like the selfless care of PCHC, will continue to live on.