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Stories of Impact: House of Neighborly Service

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The days are cold, and the nights are colder. Imagine you have nowhere to seek shelter from the ever-changing Colorado weather. What do you do to stay warm in Loveland, Colorado? For the homeless of Loveland, the answer is to spend the night at the House of Neighborly Service Shelter.  Perhaps you have a roof over your head but your utilities are in jeopardy of being shut-off.  House of Neighborly service is the place you will turn.

The House of Neighborly Service (HNS) seeks to diminish the effects of poverty among vulnerable individuals and help them become self-sufficient. While emergency shelter is critical, HNS offers its clients many different services, including a food and clothing bank, prescriptions/special medical aid, Step-Up Housing, and transportation and utility assistance. It also helps clients take steps towards a better future through individual case management, financial management classes, and healthy living classes. HNS clients are usually sent by referral, and 27% of all clients are seniors and single mothers. In 2014, the organization provided 38,200 services to individuals in need and distributed over 5,000 food baskets equaling more than 207,000 pounds of food.  While meeting fundamental needs, HNS also provides clients with the tools to get back on their feet and break the cycle of poverty.  House of Neighborly Service is in the process of creating a multi-tenant non-profit center to house many of the vital services that they refer to everyday.  To date 13 agencies are sharing programs and cost at the HNS Life Center in central Larimer County.

El Pomar’s North Regional Council recognized HNS’ excellent work in the community and provided a $5,000 grant to support the organization’s cold weather shelter.  Surviving without shelter in Colorado’s high country is a scary prospect. With the help of HNS, people experiencing homelessness and poverty can have hope for a better tomorrow.

House of Neighborly Service was established in 1961 to be a hub for services in our community.   The vision to bring many organizations, non-profit agencies, faith community, and government resources together under one roof is becoming a reality.”