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Second-Year Fellows Participate in Ferrand Fund Process


The final professional development exercise for El Pomar Fellows is in full swing—the Ferrand Fund process. Established in 2005, the Ferrand Fund is a grantmaking opportunity for second-year fellows to honor the will of Dorothy Ferrand and at the same time put into practice much of what they’ve been learning about philanthropy by making grant recommendations to the trustees.

George Ferrand was the master chef at the Broadmoor. He and his wife, Dorothy, had a daughter, Madeline Jean, who had Down syndrome and passed away at the young age of six. Devastated by the loss of their child, they dedicated the rest of their lives and resources to providing opportunities for underprivileged and sick children. Ms. Ferrand passed away in 2003 and left a bequest of $1.1 million to El Pomar Foundation with the instructions to use the money for the needs of especially poor children and their parents in the Pikes Peak region.

Each year, the second-year fellows utilize Mrs. Ferrand’s guidelines to develop their own impact statement and direct their grantmaking process. Impact statements from previous years have focused on mental health, healthcare issues like access and dental care, and early childhood programs. In 2012, the second-years chose to support unique and effective child abuse education/awareness, prevention, and recovery efforts for low-income children and families in the Pikes Peak region. This year’s process, which has only recently gotten underway and includes site visits to potential grantees, will continue through the rest of March and April, with recommendations forwarded to the trustees in May.