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My Father: Impact and Induction

Tags: Milton E. Proby Cultural Heritage Room

Milton E. Proby 2017
2017 Milton E. Proby Induction Ceremony

by Liz Jefferson, El Pomar Program Administrative Assistant

As a former member of the Milton E. Proby Selection Committee, and now a 2017 Inductees family member, I have always anticipated the Milton E. Proby Cultural Heritage Room Induction Ceremony with great enthusiasm and eagerness. This year was particularly special for my family, as my father was the inductee.

I can remember a time during my senior year of high school having a conversation with my father as he stressed the importance of giving back to the community and civic engagement.  I was puzzled as to why we would be having that particular conversation, because all my life community and civic engagement was all I knew from watching my father and Reverend Proby.

As a little girl my grandmother would watch my brother and me during the summer and we would volunteer at the St. John’s Food Bank. Reverend Proby would often stop by to see how things were going, reminding me never to look down on anyone’s circumstances, but instead to always see an opportunity to give back. I was also always the person who assisted my father with coordinating events for the church or community.  Often times this meant that when he served on committees, so did I. 

Through my experiences with my father and Reverend Proby, I learned the importance of civic engagement and philanthropy and I maintain an eager drive to continue the work of community leaders that have come before me. The ceremony was a celebration of their leadership and I am forever grateful to the Foundation for the vision of honoring the legacies of those who lived their lives committed to ensuring the quality and equality of life for the communities in which they served.