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Peak Military Care Network launches veteran program

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Peak Military Care Network has launched a new program, V.I.E.W. — Veterans Information and Education Workshops — and added new partner agencies, all as a result of a three-year, $800,000 grant from United Health Foundation, received earlier this year.

The V.I.E.W. program is a free workshop focusing on affordable housing for veterans. This program will continue in 2017, focusing on various topics that are relevant to transitioning military members and veterans’ needs. Hosted by the Peak Military Care Network, the workshop will take place at the Southeast Armed Services YMCA (see below).

“This UHF grant has really been transformational for us,” said Kate Hatten, executive director of Peak Military Care Network. “We’ve spent a lot of time building and planning for the infrastructure we want to build to increase our community’s capacity to meet our military and veteran needs. Our biggest challenge has been spreading the word and getting the information out about what Peak Military Care Network and all of our partner agencies provide, so people get access to resources before they’re in crisis.

“It’s helped us conduct more outreach and provide more programming about key topics that will help inform and educate veterans about our services,” Hatten added. “We’ve been able to talk to more veterans and family members face to face. We can stay with people longer and follow up and make sure they’re getting the services they need, long-term, so they’re not in crisis again.”

So far this year, Peak Military Care Network has added five partner agencies to its network of 35 service providers, who assist service members, veterans and families.

The organization also streamlined web services and updated its strategic position and brand identity, according to a news release. This grant has allowed the organization to hire three staff members to provide navigation, coordination and outreach to better meet the needs of its partner agencies and better assist the military and veteran community.

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