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Millennials and mountains are our future

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It's no surprise that Colorado Springs was recently chosen by Money magazine as the "Best in the Mountains." The city is beautiful. The climate is great. And the outdoor leisure and recreation opportunities are boundless. However, it isn't clear that everyone believes the hype.

Attracting and retaining millennials - the generation ages 18 to 33 - has been a topic of debate for years in Colorado Springs. City leaders, employers and colleges have been concerned the region doesn't offer the same level of opportunities geared toward young professionals as cities such as Denver and Boulder. Statistics show that's not necessarily the case.

In recent years, the growth of the millennial generation has increased in Colorado Springs; according to U.S. Census Bureau reports, 24 percent of the population represents that demographic. This is above the state average of 22 percent and the national average of 21 percent.

Second, millennials who live here seem to enjoy their lifestyle. Those who filled out a survey tied to the El Pomar Foundation's recent "Mountains Matter to Millennials" event ranked Colorado Springs their top choice among Front Range cities for desirability of living - over Pueblo, Boulder, Fort Collins and even Denver. So what makes this region a place where young professionals want to work, play and stay?

Our answer: the Pikes Peak mountain range and its vast opportunities for recreation and innovation are the most desirable assets in drawing millennials to the Pikes Peak region. We base this on results from over 250 respondents to our Pikes Peak Outdoors Leisure and Recreation Survey that helped shape a lively discussion by and about millennials in our region.

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