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Military Families Honored with The Greatest Show on Earth


Small fingers clutch elephant mugs filled to the brim with crushed ice, dripping blue raspberry, and cherry flavoring. Excited children  hop and point in awe at comical men on stilts, slinky tigers, roaring motorcyclists, daring trapeze artists, and countless other thrilling sights: the circus has arrived! El Pomar Foundation recently recognized hundreds of local military families for their hard work and sacrifices by giving them the opportunity to see Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s Greatest Show on Earth.

On June 13, El Pomar Foundation celebrated its fourth Military Family Appreciation Day by providing circus tickets for military families. Approximately 30 El Pomar senior staff, Fellows and interns volunteered for the occasion, where they ushered over 4,500 people into the Colorado Springs World arena for the event.

El Pomar’s Director of Military Support Terrance McWilliams, who was in charge of the event and served as honorary ringmaster for the performance, asserted: “The Foundation is committed to finding different avenues to support military families that make up a large part of our community. Being able to provide an opportunity that might have been out of reach for many is just one way that El Pomar tries to accomplish this goal of embracing our local service men and women.”

El Pomar started this tradition in 2007. Several other local entities helped make the performace possible in 2010, including the Ackerman Fund, the Henry Joseph Edmondson Foundation, TriWest Healthcare Alliance and the World Arena Youth and Community Fund.