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It's All in the Family

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It's All in the Family

By Tania Jordet

The word family carries power. Defined by sociologists as “an intimate domestic group made up of people,” the word family is broad enough to describe our nuclear families, our chosen families, our workplace families and families of people who share the same passions as we do. In starting a new job at El Pomar Foundation and working with passionate nonprofit partners every day, I was fortunate enough to find a new family united in a shared mission.

After serving in the United States Air Force during and after college, I arrived in Colorado Springs in the summer of 2016 to seek out a new direction for my family and life. Deciding to reboot my career, I spoke with a career advisor. We discussed my strengths, weaknesses and passions and she advised me to seek employment with a philanthropic organization. A few months later, I interviewed and was hired by El Pomar Foundation.

Upon starting my job, I was welcomed to a greater philanthropic family and community, not yet understanding the collaborative and supportive nature of this nonprofit industry. The staff at El Pomar and the grantees we are honored to work with are brought together by a shared passion for Colorado.

As a member of the staff at El Pomar’s Penrose House Conference Center, I have had the pleasure of witnessing high school students interview for scholarships, military units conduct training sessions, medical care workers and first responders update their training, and so much more. I find joy in providing house tours to elementary school students who come to learn about the history of Colorado and the impact of Spencer and Julie Penrose. Having the opportunity to work with various nonprofits and witnessing the tremendous impact they have on the people of Colorado has strengthened my sense of purpose in this mission.

My own family has personally witnessed the generous work of El Pomar’s grantees. Whether through enjoying a day at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo or exploring an exhibit at the Fine Arts Center, I am encouraged to take part in the mission of these nonprofits as they impact their local communities. I am thankful to further connect with Colorado’s nonprofit sector in my new role and work with grantees who carry out this legacy as they continue to support the people of Colorado.