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Intern Blog Series: Max Blackburn's Meal with the Penroses

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Max Blackburn, 2019 Awards for Excellence Intern

The El Pomar Foundation Internship program offers valuable professional experience to continuing undergraduate students interested in the nonprofit sector. However, this summer’s Interns had a somewhat unusual experience. After a work week filled with meetings, projects and professional development trainings, the Interns prepared to leave Penrose House for some well-deserved rest. However, Friday-evening drowsiness set over them, and instead of clocking out, they accidentally pressed the “travel back in time 82 years” button. Suddenly, the Interns found themselves sharing a table with Mr. and Mrs. Spencer and Julie Penrose, who were about to delight in a delicious 1930s Depression-era meal. Naturally, Spencer and Julie asked the Interns to update them on the evolved state of El Pomar Foundation some 80 years in the future. Here is what Max said: 


Exploring an Inspiring Experience with the Penroses 

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Penrose,

I am Max Blackburn, the 2019 Awards for Excellence Intern. Started in 1989, Awards for Excellence works to recognize outstanding nonprofits and individuals for their contributions to the welfare and success of Colorado.  This program emphasizes supporting nonprofits in rural communities, which are often underfunded by foundations. Awards for Excellence helps bring statewide attention and status to organizations that may otherwise go un-recognized.  Aside from the logistical support involved in preparing for our upcoming events, I have the opportunity to help make short films that highlight this year’s honorees and celebrate the program’s 30th anniversary. Organizations can use these films to represent their work, garner support and potentially increase funding.

Mr. and Mrs. Penrose, you will be happy to know that your vision for educated and successful young people in Colorado Springs has endured and thrived through the Fellowship and Internship here at El Pomar Foundation. These programs grant us the unique privilege to be guided by the impressive knowledge and expertise of El Pomar leadership and staff, while significantly contributing to the stewardship of the Foundation’s programs.

As I approach my final year at The Colorado College and consider what my future may hold, I have appreciated the advice offered by staff and Fellows. My experience here has ignited an interest to stay and invest myself in Colorado after graduation. I recognize my potential to make a difference in this community and play a role in promoting a successful future for all Coloradans.

It is truly a pleasure to have this opportunity to meet with the both of you.

Best regards,

Max Blackburn