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How the Nonprofit Sector is Rebranding Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is not for everyone…or, it wasn’t until the nonprofit sector got a hold of it.

This year, the nonprofit sector is making a significant effort to rebrand Valentine’s Day as Generosity Day, and Generosity Day is not just about romance. G-Day is about love… for humanity. It is about making today, the big V-Day, a day about showing the love to everyone you know and saying thank you to those who make your life better.

Nonprofit social media blogger Beth Kanter is posting all about it, and nonprofit marketing guru Kivi Leroux Miller is featuring a video on her blog all about love and what Generosity Day really means. And some nonprofits are even using the day to capture the generous spirit of donors and encourage them to show their love differently this year.

So…Happy Generosity Day to all of you, and we wish you many opportunities to show the love!