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Giving to the Arts


While El Pomar’s recent grantmaking focus has been on health and human services because of the economic downturn, other focus areas have not been forgotten. In fact, this year El Pomar trustees have approved  approximately $600,000 in funding for arts and culture projects.

 Philanthropy Magazine’s summer issue features a Symposium on Giving to Arts and Culture.  Art is always a tricky subject for philanthropists—almost everyone acknowledges its importance, but its value is impossible to measure concretely in the short run. So when someone donates to museums, orchestras, and the like, it’s hard to see whether that gift had an effect.

Philanthropy Magazine asked top arts patrons three questions:

  • Tell me about a really smart gift to the arts.
  • What is your favorite hidden gem?
  • Tell me something I don’t know about giving to the arts.

Their answers are revealing. The symposium also features thought-provoking articles on arts patron Albert Barnes, on revolutionary arts revitalization in Grand Rapids, and on a YouTube hit: “Random Acts of Culture” in Philadelphia. Check it out!