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Foster Care in the San Luis Valley

Tags: Regional Partnerships

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A Letter from the Director

In September 2015, the San Luis Valley Regional Council responded to high rates of childhood poverty in the Valley by convening nonprofit leaders serving children and families to learn more about the services available. One of the local nonprofit representatives brought the low number of foster parents in the Valley to the Foundation’s attention. El Pomar staff members, Hannah Staller and Mari Tanabe began researching the issue, calling upon local leaders, foster parents, national models, and demographic data to better understand the scope of the deficit of foster parents and possible models for recruiting and retaining foster parents.

We are pleased to share the following report, which incorporates qualitative data gathered through stakeholder interviews and national research on outcomes for foster children. The purpose of the report is to capture the needs, challenges, and assets in the San Luis Valley regarding foster care and to make these findings accessible to communities across the Valley. Hannah Staller, lead researcher, and Mari Tanabe, are to be commended for the thorough gathering of data and careful analysis. Based on the findings, El Pomar has approved a $10,000 planning grant to support a Valley-wide planning initiative to establish a multi-system approach to recruit and retain foster parents. 

Cathy O. Robbins, Director Regional Partnerships