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Fort Collins Hosts Nonprofit Executive Leadership Training


Brian Brown

Photo: This year's Regional NELP participants

Nonprofit executives experience a lot of things while they do their jobs, but few have time to think about—let alone experience—every aspect of what their organizations do. But what if they could? What would change about how they do their jobs?

El Pomar’s Regional NELP (Nonprofit Executive Leadership Program) exists to give nonprofit execs this kind of chance. Designed specifically for executive directors of organizations with budgets under $500,000, the Regional NELP program gives these leaders quality, intensive leadership training, and rotates around the state on an annual basis.

“These EDs have one of the hardest jobs imaginable,” said Darcy Struckhoff, program coordinator for the event. “It is great for them to be able to sit down for two days and reflect and learn.”

On August 4, the 2011 Regional NELP began in Fort Collins. A record 24 executive directors spent two days examining the whole spectrum of nonprofit leadership through training sessions, immersive activities, and conversation with other leaders. Guiding the program were Pam Shipp, a licensed psychologist and international trainer and consultant; and Cathy Robbins, senior vice president of El Pomar Foundation and adjunct faculty member at the Center for Creative Leadership in Colorado Springs.

Shipp and Robbins took the participants through rigorous training sessions—some designed to provide new information, others to challenge what the participants already knew, and still others to get the participants to engage each others’ leadership styles. “Even though there were some humbling times, it was extremely helpful,” noted one executive director.

While experience as an executive director is better than any training, another participant pointed out that Regional NELP provided valuable new experience. It was “leadership training that provides peer support, candidly teaches you more about yourself, and truly inspires.”

Interested in attending next year’s Regional NELP? The program website contains up-to-date information about the program, and next year’s dates and location will be posted when they are available. You can also e-mail us or call (800) 554-7711.

Have a budget over $500,000? Click here for information about the full four-day Nonprofit Executive Leadership Program, available for the executives of larger organizations.