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First high school for teens trying to beat addictions opening in Colorado Springs

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A sober high school for kids recovering from addiction to drugs or alcohol is on its way to opening in a few months.

Saying it's a unique idea that would be new to the Pikes Peak region, Colorado Springs School District 11's board last week unanimously approved a charter change for Community Preparatory School. Six of the seven board members were present.

Community Prep, an alternative education charter school that answers to D-11's board, gained permission to add a separate program for students working to overcome substance abuse, starting Jan. 30.

"We are grateful to School District 11 for their support of this program," Community Prep Director Martin Schneider said Friday, after finalizing plans for the new school. "We are excited to help turn around the lives of youth who have struggled with addiction."Landmark Community School will be the first sober high school in Colorado, Schneider said. The mission: "provide a relevant, high-quality education in a therapeutically supportive, sober environment."

It will open in a defunct school building at Immanuel Lutheran Church, 846 E. Pikes Peak Ave., east of downtown Colorado Springs.

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