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Extreme Skiing, Environmentalism, Bipolar Disorder: See it all at the Durango Independent Film Festival

Tags: Stories of Impact

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Hannah Staller

As an artistic medium, filmmaking entertains, educates, and examines the human experience – and calls us to action. For the community of Durango, filmmaking plays a key role in enriching the community and economy through the 5-day Durango Independent Film Festival.

Since 2007, the Durango Film Institute has hosted the annual Durango Independent Film Festival.  Each year, filmmakers and film fanatics alike flock to Durango to showcase their art, tell stories, provoke intellectual thought, and spur community conversations around a range of topics, including environmentalism, mental disorders, poverty, and extreme night skiing. The festival features nearly 100 independent films in animation, short, documentary, and feature genres. In addition, the Institute provides panels, workshops, and Reel Learning school programs, bringing films and filmmakers to students in Durango and Ignacio. Native Cinema is also showcased and celebrated during the festival.

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The event garners significant economic support for the town of Durango, drawing eager visitors from across the United States. Through the films and resulting discussions, viewers are invited to think critically about social issues and reflect upon and observe diverse and artistic renditions of the human experience. For one young filmmaker in particular, the festival provided an outlet for him to explore his experience with bipolar disorder and provide an expanded perspective into living with a mental disorder.

The economic and civic and community benefits of the Festival were clear, and El Pomar was proud to support the Festival with a grant in 2013. Congratulations to all of the 2016 Festival winners, we’ll look forward to the March 2017 festival!