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Escuela de Guadelupe Expands

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For many students, teachers, and parents around the globe, a new school year conjures feelings of excitement. This past school year was particularly exciting for Metro Council grantee Escuela de Guadalupe, as they welcomed 24 students in their first 6th grade class.  With support from El Pomar’s Metro Council, Escuela was able to hire two full-time middle school staff members to support the new grade. 

Escuela, which strives to create leaders through Catholic values and its innovative dual-language education, moved into a new building in the summer of 2015.  Beginning with the new 6th grade class this past fall, the new building will eventually allow them to double the number of students they serve. 
The 6th graders started their middle school careers with enthusiasm and determination, as the entire class embarked on a YMCA camp retreat. Escuela’s new middle school program also gave students the opportunity to start their first athletic teams, as they competed in cross country in the fall and is competing in boys and girls basketball this winter. In addition to its middle school expansion, Escuela is also hosting its first pre-kindergarten class this year.  Overall, these additions led to a 40% enrollment increase at Escuela.   

Escuela continues to grow: they will have their first 7th grade class in the fall of 2017 and their first 8th class in the fall of 2018. With the support of El Pomar’s Metro Council, the school will see its investments in the lives of children reach widen across age groups and further into the future.