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El Pomar Fellowship Marks 20th Birthday with Alumni Reunion

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This weekend, 136 current and former El Pomar fellows from all across the country will return to their old stomping grounds to help celebrate the Fellowship’s 20th birthday.

On Saturday, nearly 300 people, including the fellows, their families, and community members, will gather at Penrose House to reconnect with the Foundation and each other and shape the future of the alumni network. The day will include both a formal program, complete with updates from El Pomar Foundation trustees and senior staff and discussion groups centered on leadership, and a casual time together to reconnect with old friends.

Meghan Shaver, an El Pomar Foundation office assistant who has been assisting Fellowship Director Gary Butterworth and the reunion team with preparations for the event, said it has been a pleasure to “meet” the alumni as the reunion draws near.

“It isn’t difficult to see a common theme among the alumni,” said Shaver. “And that is that El Pomar picks good people. They are role models in their fields, their areas of interests, and their interaction with their own communities.”

Be sure to check back for photos and videos from the event, and, in the mean time, take a look at our Alumni Spotlight series.