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College Readiness and Success Program

Tags: Stories of Impact

In 2011 when Alyssa Young’s school counselor recommended the College Readiness and Success Program (CRSP), neither she nor her mother, Michelle, had ever considered higher education an option. With no knowledge of financial aid opportunities, they believed the financial burden too great to overcome. With the help of CRSP and  ambassadors from the Emerging Leadership Development Program, Alyssa and Michelle quickly learned about flexible community college courses and financial aid opportunities. Now, both mother and daughter are enrolled at Pikes Peak Community College with full-ride financial aid packages. At the last CRSP session on April 9, 2014, Michelle Young said, “The College Readiness and Success Program was the key that opened the door, allowing me to see all the opportunities that were available.”

In 2009, El Pomar Foundation convened a group of local leaders to determine the greatest needs in southeast El Paso County. This group formed the Pikes Peak Community Development Initiative (PPCD), a program that aimed to identify and address issues around quality of life in the southeast area of El Paso County. After many discussions these local leaders determined that a lack of access to higher education opportunities was one of the greatest issues facing residents of southeast El Paso County.

In order to address this concern, the College Readiness and Success Program (CRSP) was established in 2010. Click here to learn more about CRSP and it's remarkable participants.

View a short video about the College Readiness and Success program.