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Board Service: Kids on Bikes


Ben Haughton

My time at El Pomar has helped clarify what makes an effective board, and what makes an effective board member. As a rule of thumb, a good board member brings the “three w’s” to the table:  Wealth, Work, and Wisdom. By this definition, it will likely be years before I am qualified to serve on any board of directors. Nonetheless, the opportunity to apply what I have learned as a Fellow makes the lessons far more tangible and gives me an increased sense of commitment to this community.

I spend as much of my free time as possible outside, climbing, biking, and hiking, and so it is my pleasure to serve on the board for Kids on Bikes. The organization strives to inspire kids to lead healthy, active and happy lives through biking. As a board member I have gained insight into the intricacies of running a nonprofit organization. The experience has not only allowed me to be involved with a nonprofit that makes a positive impact in Colorado Springs, but also has instilled in me the desire to continue to engage with organizations working toward bettering the community through avenues I am passionate about.

Working hands-on with an organization is a rewarding experience, and gives Fellows another tool to be civically engaged into the future. I could not be more fortunate than to have had the opportunity to work with the great people at Kids on Bikes.

Young people certainly benefit from Board service, but the organizations also see great value in having the voice of young people represented.  Nikki McComsey, Executive Director of Kids on Bikes, spoke to the enthusiasm, and talent that young people bring to the table. “50% of the Board members for Kids on Bikes are under the age of 35. I have found that these young professionals aren’t afraid to ask the hard questions and they are always looking for innovative ways to approach fundraising and running a nonprofit.”

Her advice to a young person wanting to get involved with the nonprofit sector? Find a cause you are willing to invest your time and money into and be creative, use your personal talents and share them with others.  Ultimately, take initiative on something that you are passionate about. That kind of commitment can go a long way.

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