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Awards for Excellence Spotlight: Colorado Children's Healthcare Access Program

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Recently, El Pomar Foundation awarded more than $200,000 in grants to seven outstanding nonprofits from across the state through the Awards for Excellence program. Over the next few weeks, we would like to highlight the impact Awards for Excellence winners are having on the people of Colorado.

In 2006, approximately 180,000 Colorado children did not have access to comprehensive primary health care.   Colorado Children’s Healthcare Access Program, or CCHAP, was established in response to this deficiency in Colorado’s public health system.  CCHAP is committed to ensuring that every Colorado child eligible for Medicaid or Child Health Plan Plus has access to quality medical care and all pregnant women receive complete prenatal services.  It is for this reason CCHAP is the 2012 recipient of the Joel A.H. Webb Award for Excellence in Health.

“CCHAP has been able to provide medical homes for about 200,000 children all across the state of Colorado,” said program administrator

Kevin Heckman.  The organization’s reach across the state is remarkable; in 2010, 95% of all pediatric practices inColorado were affiliated with CCHAP.

In addition to providing financial support to practitioners, CCHAP connects private practices to essential community based services including mental health counseling and transportation, in order to provide a comprehensive health care program to those in need.

Want to learn more about the work CCHAP is doing in children’s healthcare in Colorado?  Watch the video below.