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AADA celebrates El Pomar Award of Excellence

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The Alliance Against Domestic Abuse celebrated Thursday after receiving the $25,000 El Pomar Award of Excellence for its work battling domestic abuse.

AADA provides emergency shelter, crisis intervention and support for women and men suffering domestic abuse, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“With this grant and the work being done by the Alliance Against Domestic Abuse, you are affecting the lives and futures of every family you help,” said Davis Tutt, a program associate of the El Pomar Foundation and grandson of Thayer Tutt, who helped build the foundation.

“This is the 26th year that the El Pomar Foundation has presented these awards. As some of you may know, our foundation was created in 1937 by Spencer and Julie Penrose with the expressed purpose of providing grants only to Colorado organizations.”

Over the years the initial El Pomar Foundation funding has grown to more than half a billion dollars, and it has granted that much to nonprofit work throughout the state. Every five years it hands out nearly $1 million within the El Pomar Central Region Council, an area that includes Chaffee, Park, Fremont and Custer counties.

ADA was one of 19 nominees from the region and was nominated by Collegiate Peaks Bank CEO Charlie Forster, who serves on the El Pomar Council.

“It’s unusual for an organization to be introduced as winning an award for excellence by nomination. AADA did not seek this award, they earned it,” said Forster. “It’s important because receiving this award opens the organization to funding for further support. Chaffee County today receives the least funding for grants of any county in the state, and we hope to change that.”

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