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1st Year Fellow Series: Henry Brigg's 10 Year Vision

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1st Year Fellow Series: Henry Brigg’s 10 Year Vision

By Henry Briggs

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In ten years, while pursuing my dream career in my idyllic location, I would like my colleagues, students or clients to describe my leadership style as one rooted in integrity. When I consider my biggest role models, leaders and mentors, I often remember their honesty to both themselves as leaders and to everyone they lead.

The key words that I would like to be associated with are confident, inspirational and passionate. To be an effective leader, I must be confident in myself to gain my peers’ respect. The most effective leaders I have had the privilege of working with have been inspirational through dynamic leadership, leading not only by spoken word but by actions too. Responsible leaders remain calm under pressure and continue to inspire even in the toughest of times. Additionally, as a leader today, tomorrow and in the future, I always expect myself to lead with a fiery passion. When teammates see that motivation and passion, I hope they too feel my energy and aspire to perform to their fullest potential. If my team members ever feel that I may not be all in, then it may distract us from our common goals. 

The characteristics I will work hard not to portray will be conflict, vulnerability and accountability averse. When faced with conflict, I expect myself as a leader to approach situations with an open mind and proactive response. I would also hope that my colleagues, students or clients would not label me as a leader that fears vulnerability. All leaders are human too. Showing vulnerability when appropriate encourages relatability and gives me the opportunity as a leader to learn from constructive criticism and feedback. As a leader, I must always be prepared to accept responsibility for my actions and outcomes. When faced with adversity, I must take initiative and move forward rather than avoiding ownership and victimizing myself.

I look forward to continuing this journey of leadership practice and discovery, and to continuing to reach for success in my vision of exemplifying integrity in my work.

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Henry Briggs joined El Pomar Foundation as a member of the 2020 Fellowship class. As a Fellow, Henry works on American Council of Young Political Leaders, Alumni Relations, Empty Stocking Fund and Investment Challenge. In addition, Henry supports the San Juan region. Read more about Henry here