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Front Range Connection

El Pomar founders Spencer and Julie Penrose were drawn to Colorado Springs for different purposes. Over time, each developed strong connections to the Pikes Peak region. Together they left an indelible mark on the area. For that reason, El Pomar Foundation continues to maintain a strong presence in Colorado Springs. And because Denver is the state's largest city, the entire Front Range area receives significant support from the Foundation.

In fact, the majority of El Pomar's grant dollars are allocated in these geographical areas through support to a wide variety of programs and projects that have local and statewide impact. And while the Foundation's recent emphasis has been on expanding its reach to more underserved areas, this has not come at the expense of Colorado's larger cities.

In 2009, El Pomar paid grants totaling $17.5 million in Colorado Springs, Denver and surrounding counties- approximately 75 percent of all the Foundation's charitable dollars for the year.

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