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Applying for a Grant 

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The Foundation has no formal grant application forms. Please submit one original of the grant proposal including the following information:

1.  Name and address of tax exempt organization and contact information for the CEO/Executive Director including an email address.

2.  A brief history of the organization, its mission, principal programs, and accomplishments.

3.  A concise statement describing the purpose of the request and the amount requested. Outline the need for the project, the specific solutions to be reached, the expected contributions to the population served, and the criteria for measuring the success of the project.

4.  An organization budget for the current year, and documented budget of the project for the proposed term of the grant. (For technology requests, see specific budget requirements in Item 5 below). Please include the total amount to be raised and a list of expected sources of funds. If the request is for a program, indicate how the organization plans to fund the program once El Pomar Foundation funding ceases.

5.  An application to fund a technology project must clearly state how the project will benefit the functioning of the nonprofit organization. Categories for funding technology items that will benefit the operation and/or management of the nonprofit organization's program(s) include:

  • Software applications
  • Computers and peripheral devices
  • Network equipment
  • Internetworking equipment
  • Projects may also be a combination of any of the above

Note: Funding for the development of custom software and/or web sites will not be considered.

The grant application for a technology project should include:

  • Itemization of equipment and/or software, including a description and purchase price
  • Implementation costs, such as installation, consulting or training
  • Description of project implementation, including timeline for installation and training (if required)

6.  A statement of whether aid has been sought during the preceding three years from other foundations for support of your nonprofit organization overall and, if so, the names of the foundations and the amount, if any, received from each.

7.  Applicants should furnish:

  • Relationship and capacity of person signing application
  • A list of governing body members, such as board of directors
  • Statement of grant request approval by the applicant's governing body
  • Endorsement of outside authorities, and copies of regulatory agency approvals, if appropriate
  • Organization's three most recent years of audited financial statements, and latest IRS Form 990
  • Copy of current IRS determination letter showing tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) and public charity status under Section 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code

8.  Applicants should furnish up to three pictures (photographs, architectural renderings, images from an existing publication, etc.) that portray the specific project or general operations of the organization. Pictures will be used in the presentation to the Board of Trustees. Applicants should not incur any costs related to this request. El Pomar Foundation will retain the photographs unless their return is requested by the organization.

9.  If a grant is made, the Foundation requires the recipient to report expended grant funds and to return to the Foundation any excess not used for the grant.

10.  Do not use plaques or memorials relating to El Pomar Foundation without the Foundation's approval. We request that you not use the names of Foundation Officers and Trustees in any public statements.

11.  Proposals may be submitted at any time and will be considered by the Trustees based upon the date of their receipt at the Foundation.  In order to ensure that each proposal receives sufficient consideration, the number of proposals reviewed at each Trustees' meeting will be limited.  El Pomar will confirm receipt of your proposal in writing, normally within 14 days of receipt, and indicate the date of the Trustees' meeting at which your proposal will be considered.

Applications should be addressed to:
Board of Trustees                                                      
El Pomar Foundation
10 Lake Circle
Colorado Springs, CO 80906


Anna Keesling Ackerman Fund Grantmaking

Applying for a Grant  

Anna Keesling Ackerman Fund applications should follow El Pomar Foundation grantmaking guidelines.  The Fund is available to organizations serving the Pikes Peak Region of Colorado.

In 2014, applications will be reviewed in the Spring and Fall.

Applications should be addressed to:
Anna Keesling Ackerman Fund                                                                      
El Pomar Foundation                  
10 Lake Circle
Colorado Springs, CO 80906


Freda Hambrick Fund Grantmaking

Applying for a Grant

Freda Hambrick Fund applications should follow El Pomar Foundation grantmaking guidelines.  The Fund is available to animal welfare organizations in Colorado.

In 2014, applications will be reviewed in the Spring and Fall.

Applications should be addressed to:

Freda Hambrick Fund
El Pomar Foundation
10 Lake Circle

Colorado Springs, CO 80906

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