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High Country Region

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High Country Regional Council grants $75,000 to Youth Master Plan, pledges $300,000 over next three years

At the start of 2013, The High Country Regional Council partnered with El Pomar’s Youth Development Project to identify the regional assets and needs within its five-county area. From the information presented to the High Country Regional Council in March 2013, the Council was in favor of supporting Lake County and the community of Leadville. Based on a 2010 risk assessment and information gathered from the Colorado Department of Education, Lake County falls behind its regional peers in terms of positive youth outcomes for kids, CSAP and graduation scores as well as the prevalence of alcohol and substance abuse. While there are a lot of negative factors facing Leadville youth, a community-wide collaborative spearheaded by Lake County Build a Generation, a project of Lake County Health and Human Services, is dedicated to building a healthier community for Lake County youth and families. The organization, recently wrapped up a two-year process of developing priority goals for their Leadville-Lake County Youth Master Plan.

The High Country Council supports the work of the Youth Master Plan Steering Committee and the launch and implementation phase of the plan within Lake County. The High Country Council granted $75,000 for the launch phase at the Statewide Council Meeting, and has pledged an additional $300,000 over the next three years to assist in growth and implementation. 

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Regional Council Members


Dave Palenchar
Trustee, El Pomar Foundation


Kristi Ferraro
Attorney, Kristi Ferraro, LLC


Mike Bordogna
County Commissioner, Lake County


The Honorable Millie Hamner
Colorado State Representative, District #61


Jim Morgan
General Manager, Colorado Mountain News Media

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