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El Pomar Internship


About the Internship

El Pomar’s Internship Program provides a unique summer experience for continuing undergraduate students. Interns receive an introduction to the nonprofit sector and an opportunity to develop professional interests and skills. Interns work with and are mentored by leaders in philanthropy. They serve an important role by providing administrative support for the Foundation’s offices.  Interns receive assignments based upon the Foundation’s needs and, to the extent possible, the interns’ interests. A weekly professional development series provides insight and practice in a professional atmosphere. Past classes have received training in investments, grant making, public speaking, and career planning. Each intern fulfills an individual role but also receives meaningful interaction with the intern class. While each intern has a distinct learning experience, all have the opportunity to learn concepts through hands-on practice and receive support and guidance to develop professionally.

Read about a 2012 intern's experience on El Pomar's blog!

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