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Wildland Fire Fund


About the Fund

El Pomar's Wildland Fire Fund was created in rapid response to Colorado's devastating wildfire season of 2002. El Pomar led an effort, in real time, to supply front line volunteer Colorado fire agencies with personal fire fighting equipment, radios, hoses, pumps, etc. By year-end, El Pomar had contributed $1.7 million and raised an additional $300,000 through a community fund raising campaign.In 2003 and 2004, El Pomar continued to provide direct funding to volunteer fire agencies for firefighting vehicles and training. In 2005, El Pomar assisted with large capital purchases, such as brush trucks and fire-fighting vehicle accessories. Since the Fund's inception, nearly $2.7 million has been granted to more than 170 volunteer fire organizations. 

If you have any questions please call either Mike Buth at 719-577-7026 or Terrance McWilliams at 719-577-7096.  

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